Sports OutreachChildren`s Sports and Learning Centre (CSLC) Sports Ministry is dedicated to winning souls for Christ through sports Evangelism. It gives both boys and girls from the slum settlements and disadvantaged families an enabling environment to nurture their God given talents.

CSLC offers both competitive and recreational sports. We foster an interest in soccer, basketball, volleyball and chess competition amongst the youth from the slum and give encouragement, coaching and instruction to recreational and competitive youth soccer players.

Our values foster and engender the principle of Christ-like character such, team play, good sportsmanship and fairness – The values we teach enable each child to grow as an individual and as an athlete. This model, which promotes the individual player’s ability within the team’s concept, ultimately contributes to the overall character of the youth in CSLC Sports Outreach. Sports Outreach as a social based transformational tool has immense potential towards shaping the lives of young people who are at their active and learning stages of life.

With the vast number of children (orphans and vulnerable) residing in Nairobi City slum due to cases such as HIV/AIDS, there is a great need to help such children learn to live meaningful lives.

Our main outreach strategy on using sports as an entry point to introduce and eventually bringing young Christ. Key among the development concerns are issues such as leadership, spiritual base and general life skills, sometimes in the shadow of disappointment in a student’s past or family background. All these three contribute towards a possible stunning victory. As it is known victory is sweetest after everyone has written you off.