Take it to the field

In our integrated sports program, we implement the following strategies to help our children reach their full sports potential:

  • We open our centre to children from diverse social, economic and cultural
  • We evaluate and train each individual child (form and function).
  • We educate children on proper nutrition (twice a year).
  • We teach effective psychological and emotional strategies to help children
    maximize their athletic potential (4 times a year).
  • We work tirelessly to instill positive beliefs and values of these children discipline, cooperation, honesty, positive attitude, responsibility, pro-activeness, environmental awareness and finances (6 times a year).
  • We provide athletic therapy services.
  • We ensure athletes train once a week a qualified coaching team.
  • We conduct periodic fitness tests and annual assessment.
  • Our sports programs include 2-4 tournaments and league play considerations and friendly pickup matches.
  • We offer exchange programs both locally and internationally during school