Transforming Lives Through Needful Education Support

While our main focus is centered around sports talent development, we also recognize the need for educational support for some children.

We thus work out strategies aimed at creating opportunities for children with educational support needs. This starts within our centre catchment area and a CSLC member, to access unique opportunities of empowerment through formal primary, secondary and /or tertiary schooling for those who are not able to further their formal studies due to varying reasons.

  • We raise funds for school fee and for educational material
  • We organize special/supplementary programs such as remedial classes, performance evaluation and mentorships e.t.c

Many Children Need Rehabilitation and Lack Basic Support

At CSLC, one of our main objectives is to help children who are in dire situations and lack basic needs. People living with HIV/AIDS, widows, commercial sex workers, unemployed households are the main factors that contribute to the fact that some children lack basic needs and others end up on the streets. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a slew of measures – monetary and non-monetary support in health, housing and education – to help get a child out of his/her dire circumstances.

This unfortunate state of affairs has been caused by the social disintegration of the formerly strong social fabric of the African community. Therefore, our goal is social reintegration and empowerment through the provisions of food,shelter, education and apprenticeship for identified children.