Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Children’s Sports & Learning Centre (CSLC) is a child initiative program that began in January 2007. The main objective of CSLC is to give hope to the less privileged children in the society. CSLC is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization Ref No. 218/051/2008/0385 under the NGO Coordination Board and managed by the Board Members with different professional disciplines.

CSLC is a place where economically disadvantaged children enjoy team sports, drama, and poetry, and receive support with school needs. CSLC is committed to helping children from difficult living situations imagine and find positive futures through sports, the performing arts and success in school. Most of all, CSLC is a safe place for children to gain confidence, learn important life skills and have fun.

The Children’s Sports and Learning Centre is dedicated to share Christ`s love through our service to the community. Our slogan: My service His glory.
The Children’s Sports and Learning Centre serves over 2000 boys and girls aged 6-17 years. The children come from a diverse ethnic, religious and family situation, some attend school while others have not been able to attend due to lack of funds and family support.

CSLC was founded in 2007 by local dedicated volunteer who responded to the needs of the children in his community. CSLC volunteers currently working with the children from 20 primary schools and 15 High Schools, local orphanages, children from slum settlements, surrounding villages and rural areas.

Our impact in the society was felt right from the onset.

Our Vision

Transforming lives and restoring hope.

Our Mission

To educate, empower and reaching out to the disadvantaged children, families and communities through hope in Christ.

Main Objective

Give hope to children with a disadvantaged background.

Core areas of service

  • Education
  • Spiritual development
  • Sports outreach
  • Help
  • Economic Empowerment

Achievement / Success stories

  • So far, over 5000 children/families have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Over 20 youth who went through our programme are already working hence improving their families’ economic welfare

Future Plans

  • Establishment of a skill centre for disadvantaged mothers
  • Support atleast 20 students annually in high school
  • Support atleast 10 students annually in higher education
  • Establish quality Christian education centers for the disadvantaged children who cannot afford quality education
  • Establish medical centres for the vulnerable
  • Establish a food bank for the families who struggle to have a meal a day

Our Goals

  1. Provide Organized Sports and Performing Arts opportunities.
  2. Partner with families, schools and well-wishers (donors) to best support students` academic needs.
  3. Provide Social Guidance and Spiritual Development to both the children and their parents/guardians.
  4. To establish a Skills Training Centre for the children`s parents/guardians in the program and local communities.
  5. To establish a standard Educational Centers (Schools) to create opportunity for more children in the slum settlements and rural areas.
  6. To establish Medical Centres for the beneficiaries and the local communities.

Our Core Values

  1. Honesty
  2. Humility
  3. Servant-hood
  4. Integrity
  5. Self discipline
  6. Excellence
  7. Handwork
  8. Trust in God

How you can help us

Kindly pray that;

  • Children and their families will give their lives to Christ for us to see a transformed society free of crime.
  • God will provide finances and sports equipment because of the growing number of talented children that are being transformed within the communities around us through our Sports Outreach program.
  • God will give us wisdom, guidance and strength to help the children grow spiritually, physically and mentally to attain their God given purpose in life.
  • God will give us strength to accomplish the activities we have set for this year.